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With the software 'Freespace' you can calculate the range of a freespace radio-link.
The results of  'Freespace' are most accurate for radio-links from and to satellites but are also useful to get an estimate of the range of a ground-based radio-link.
For these links the results can be seen as the maximum possible range. The ground-based range can be longer when special atmospheric conditions are present (sporadic-E, ducts, aurora etc.) or shorter when there are obstacles in the way.

Please feel free to copy this software.

Any questions or suggestions for improvements of the program are welcome.

email the author: dl2kcl ( a t ) datelsoft.de 

Freespace can be used on any PC with

Win95 / Win98 / Win-NT

download the program
size:  113 kB


screenshot of "Freespace"